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Below is the projected schedule for Spring 2023. You are welcome to visit any of the material at any time. This is the first offering where we are using this website structure for the course. As such, not all the material is currently available, however, we will be updating as we progress through the semester hoping to have the material for each lecture and lab out as early as possible. Each link below will bring you to a page for the particular lecture, lab, assignment, etc. It is your responsibility to monitor the release and due dates of assignments to ensure that you submit on time.

12/6 - 2/10IntroductionIntroductionArithmetic ExpressionsArithmetic ExpressionsInstalling Python
22/13 - 2/17Variables and ExpressionsVariables and ExpressionsFunction BasicsFunction BasicsString Formatting
32/20 - 2/24Presidents DayBooleans and AssertBooleans and AssertSnow DayAssert
42/27 - 3/3Sequence TypesSnow DayCancelled ClassSequence TypesSlicing
53/6 - 3/10BranchingBranchingDebuggingDebugging
63/13 - 3/17Spring BreakSpring BreakSpring BreakSpring BreakSpring Break
73/20 - 3/24While LoopsWhile LoopsFor LoopsFor Loops
83/27 - 3/31Dictionaries and SetsDictionaries and SetsComprehensionsComprehensions
94/3 - 4/7ExceptionsExceptionsCreating ModulesCreating Modules
104/10-4/14FilesFilesCSV FilesCSV Files
114/17-4/21Patriots DayPatriots DayRecursionRecursion
124/24-4/28Classes and OOPClasses and OOPMethodsMethods
135/1-5/5Installing LibrariesInstalling LibrariesURLLib and APIsURLLib and APIs
145/8-5/12Lambdas, map, and filterLambdas, map, and filterTkinter and Event LoopsTkinter and Event Loops
155/15-5/19Capstone Project PrepCapstone Project PresentationsCapstone Project PresentationsNo Class