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Meet all the wonderful people who are here to help you have an amazing experience in this course!


Tim Richards
Tim Richards is a senior teaching faculty member at the Manning College of Information and Computer Sciences, where he teaches a variety of courses and dabbles in research. He is the course administrator for this course and is dedicated to teaching computer science and enjoys sharing his passion with students.
Allison Poh
Hello! I’m Allison and I’m a second year PhD student. I greatly enjoy teaching computer science and I’m very happy to be part of the 110 staff 🙂 My research interests include HCI, gamification, and learning technologies. I’m a member of the Advanced Learning Technologies Lab where I work on a system that promotes math learning through game design and embodied learning. In my free time, I enjoy running and chasing my cats around the house.
Cole Adam Reilly
I'm Cole. I've been with the college for about 8 years now starting as an undergrad in CS (Graphics), Math (Abstract Algebra), and Classics (Greek Archaeology). In my free time I like to woodwork.
Eduardo Calle Ortiz
Hi, I am Eduardo, a doctoral student in computer Science interested in AI. I am particularly interested in how AI will reframe education and any stuff related to AI and education. I am also the father of a two years old boy. I enjoy spending time with my wife and son when I am not studying.
Jared Yeager
My name is Jared. I was a Math and CS dual degree at UMass, now a 10th semester grad student (.....when did that happen!?) researching formal methods and theorem proving. In my free time I like to play video games.
Kobi Falus
Hi, I'm Kobi. This is my second time teaching this course, and I'm really excited to meet everyone. In my free time I like browsing Reddit/Youtube, playing board games, and talking with people. Feel free to come up and have a conversation with me!


Erfan Entezami
Hi! My name is Erfan and I’m a Ph.D. student in CS at UMass. My research focuses on the intersection of machine learning and Human-computer interaction. The goal of my research is to design intelligent systems/algorithms that are able to deal with non-stationary situations. Outside of work, I enjoy reading, playing guitar, photography and hiking.
Manan Talwar
Hey! I am Manan. I am a graduate student in Computer Science. I recently completed my undergrad at UMass in CS and Math. My research focuses on the applications of machine learning to solve real-world problems. I am also interested in computer science education. I love binge-watching, playing the guitar, traveling, hiking and baking.
Will Lee
My name is Will Lee - third year Computer Science graduate student. Dad of two cats - Rebecca and Rachel
Yuefeng Peng
Hello! My name is Yuefeng. I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science. My research focuses on security and privacy in machine learning. I like reading, hiking, and playing video games in my free time.


Ben Burns
Hello! My name is Ben Burns. I am a junior Math and CS double major. This is my seventh semester as a UCA, and third with CICS 110. My research focuses on computational algorithms and topology. I love music, strategy games, and food :D
Charvi Attri
Hello! My name is Charvi and I am an undergrad senior studying Computer Science. I love to travel, go hiking and solve sudoku puzzles in my free time.
Cynthia Rajeshkanna
Hello! My name is Cynthia Rajeshkanna. I’m a freshman Computer Science major. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I like to spend my time working on ventures and exploring the intersection of entrepreneurship and technology. I also love trying new foods and learning about different cultures.
Dev Mehta
Hey everyone! I’m Dev Mehta and I’m an undergraduate freshman studying Computer Science and pursuing a minor in Business. In my free time I love singing, swimming and playing pool.
Emerson Lewiecki
Hi Everyone! My name is Emerson (I often go by Emmet as well) and I'm an undergraduate Junior studying Computer Science. I also have an interest in Biology and am pursuing a Bio minor. In my free time I like to cook, work out, and play video games.
Kelly Deng
Hello my name is Kelly Deng and I’m an undergrad sophomore CS major and philosophy minor. I love reading and camping in my free time.
Lana Vu
Hi! My name is Lana Vu and I'm a first semester sophomore CS major. I love to crochet, make jewelry, and dancing in my free time.
Rachana Reddy
Hi! I’m Rachana Reddy and I’m currently a undegraduate junior Computer Science Major. I love listening to music, playing piano, and doing anything outdoors like taking walks, biking, or hiking!
Sonali Palit
Hi! My name is Sonali Palit. I'm a sophmore and I'm majoring in Computer Science. I was a UCA for CS121 last semester. I enjoy traveling and in my free time I like to sing and listen to music.
Sreya Nimmagadda
Hello! My name is Sreya Nimmagadda and I am a junior Computer Science major. This is my second semester as a UCA for CICS 110. In my free time I love to paint, dance, and enjoy new foods!
Tanush Savadi
Hi, my name is Tanush, my friends call me Thanos (you can call me either). I am an undergraduate freshman Computer science major. I love playing video games, watching TV shows, playing and watching sports. I'm a big foodie and I am very interested in entrepreneurship!
Wenhao Yang
Hi! I'm Wenhao Yang. I'm a freshman majoring in Computer Science and Math. I enjoy reading, foosball, tennis, and games of all kinds.